How much time does a home inspection take?

On average, between two and four hours. We typically spend another one to three hours typing each report off-site.

Why don’t you provide your inspection reports on-site?

We don’t produce generic check-box reports with pre-written “canned” comments. We’ll often spend more time writing the report than we do inspecting the house. We provide a lot of detail in our reports, customized for your home.

When do I get my report?

Your report will be emailed to you the same evening for morning appointments or the following morning if you schedule an afternoon appointment.

Can I be there for the inspection?

Definitely!  In fact we encourage it!  While our report will convey the message in detail, there is nothing like seeing things first hand.

What time should I meet you?

Most of our clients prefer to join us towards the end. We will take a walk through of the home & discuss what we have discovered along with maintenance & operational tips. You are always welcome to attend the entire inspection too. We work for you!

How will you get into the home?

If it’s an electronic lockbox, no problem; we have electronic keys. If not, we will contact your agent or the listing agent for access.

How do I schedule a home inspection?

It’s easy! You can schedule online, right here on our website or just give us a call at (512) 686-7559 and we will do it for you.

Do you offer Termite Inspections?  Pool inspections? Septic inspections?

Absolutely! We hold additional licenses with the state to perform structural pest control inspections (Termite inspections). We can also inspect your pool, spa, pool electrical, valves & pumps. For septic & well inspections, we work closely with trusted local businesses to help us facilitate these inspections.

Have more questions?

We have more answers!  Call Brandon today at (512) 686-7559 today!