Home Inspection Cost Should be Simple & Fair.

So you’ve found the home of your dreams and the seller has accepted your offer. The clock is running…

Now is the time to have the home professionally inspected to ensure that it will still be the home of your dreams, after the sale. A really good inspection will almost always produce savings that far outweigh the inspection fee, while a poor inspection may produce little or nothing of value, so shop for the best value, not just the lowest price. Protect yourself with the best inspection and best report that you can obtain. Find the inspector who is going to find as many of the defects as possible…every house has plenty!

We encourage everyone to view & compare sample reports when choosing a home inspection company as well as the level of service they will receive. Contact us for a free quote or schedule online today!


Our pricing calculator will compute different factors to give each client a fair price for their inspection. The major factors considered are:

  • Size of Home
  • Age of Home
  • Foundation Type
  • Additional Services

For example, smaller homes should cost less than larger ones. Likewise, newer homes typically have less issues & take less time to document than older homes, so they should cost less as well. We include with every inspection:

  • Irrigation Systems check
  • Thermal scans of home & accessible electrical

This helps us ensure that each client is receiving fair pricing based on the individual characteristics of their home and more value for their dollar!

Be sure to ask about our ancillary inspections

  • Termite Inspection
  • Pool Inspection
  • Spa Inspection