Homebuyer’s Inspection

Why choose Ranger Home Inspections?

See the value for yourself.

Same Day Reports

Most reports are delivered that evening after your inspection. All reports are delivered within 24 hours.

200% Satisfaction Guarantee

Other companies offer similar guarantees that are so impossible to comply with, they never have to pay out. We are so confident in what we do, our guarantee is backed by us!

Home Buyer Protection Plan

If your deal falls through for any reason, the next inspection performed within 30 days of the initial inspection will automatically be discounted provided you use the same agent.
*Does not apply to investors or foreclosed/distressed homes.

Beyond the Minimum Requirements

We inspect beyond the minimum state requirements. For example, inspectors are only required to check 1 window or 1 outlet per room…What good does that do?!

Free Appliance Recall Check

We will run your appliance information through our software to check for any potential recalls.

Repair Verification

We can return to the property to verify repairs that you may have requested from the initial inspection. This can be especially useful if the repair is complicated in nature or in hard to reach places such as attics, crawlspace, roofs, etc.

Customer Service

Schedule 24/7
We are always available by phone, text or email. Need to schedule at a crazy hour? Just click on schedule now to setup an appointment online.
Got Questions? We have Answers!
We understand you are on a tight time deadline so we are ready to answer your questions in a quickly and efficiently.

Plus, you will be speaking with a licensed Professional TREC Inspector who can answer any technical questions you may have.

Schedule with Confidence

We understand many things can happen during a real estate transaction. Unlike other inspection companies, we will not charge you a dime to cancel or reschedule.

Why Should I get a home inspection?

Why add unnecessary stress?!

All those worries can simply be taken away by getting a homebuyers inspection!

Negotiate from a point of strength

  • Negotiate a lower price & have the repairs done later on your own time
  • Ask the seller to make the repairs so you don’t have to

Great to Budget maintenance costs

  • Is the amount you are paying for the home worth the money you will spend later
  • Will it cost you more or less than expected to live there
  • Have peace of mind knowing exactly what you are buying (some surprises aren’t fun)

Know the home like it is already yours

  • Learn what is inspected
  • How things operate
  • What is required to maintain them

Insurance is for peace of mind once you own the home

An Inspection is for peace of mind Before you spend your money!

Schedule yours today!