Round Rock Home Inspections

Round Rock is an amazing community that is still growing by leaps & bounds. You will find everything from older ranch style homes to new construction. Ranger Home Inspection PLLC can help make sure you get the full picture of your potential home so that you can make a safe & informed decision for your family!

Before you hire someone, I’d like to tell something you may not know about home inspectors. Did you know that anyone can become a “Licensed Professional” home inspector in Texas by taking some online classes & passing a test? No construction experience required! Many companies tout their years of service but send out the new hire from inspector school to perform the actual inspection.

Experienced Residential Home Inspector /Contractor

I have construction experience & lots of it! My name is Brandon, owner & inspector of Ranger Home Inspection PLLC.  I’ve been a part of Round Rock’s & the greater Austin area’s residential construction industry for over 20 years, dating back to my teens. It will be me & my experience that performs your inspection, not some new guy. I strive to make home inspections fun and help my clients understand the difference between serious problems to steer away from & minor concerns which many buyers can deal with to own a home.

Round Rock Home Challenges

Some of the unique challenges Round Rock homes face are expansive soils & termites. Hiring a home inspector with the right equipment & who is familiar with Round Rock construction is a huge advantage!

Termite (WDI) Inspections

Did you know most home inspection companies don’t actually do the termite inspection? They call in a pest control company who is only interested in selling you an expensive treatment? No worries, I am licensed with the Texas Dept. of Agriculture to perform WDI (termite) inspections. I don’t sell treatments & will provide you an unbiased termite inspection.

Ziplevel digital foundation measurements

Round Rock is notorious for expansive soil. A digital foundation measurement can help detect issues or foundation failure & provide you a base point for comparison if you ever suspect movement in the future

Thermal Imaging

This can help identify moisture intrusion that could lead to mold growth along with hidden leaks and dangerous overheating of electrical equipment.

I look forward to working with you on the next step of you and your family’s lives! Call me today for your tomorrow!