Repair Verification

Although it is typically referred to as a re-inspection, what we do is more accurately a consultation. We focus on the completion of the specific items from your repair addendum rather than an inspection.

We understand that you need peace of mind and verification before you close, so we have designed our process to be clean & efficient to keep everything on schedule.

Sometimes verification is not necessary. The repair can clearly be judged by the buyer and their agent as either being satisfactory or not. Other times, buyers may prefer having an inspector out to verify. This is especially true if the repair is complicated in nature or in hard to reach places such as attics, crawlspace, roofs, etc.

Buyers should also request receipts for any work done so they know who did them, as they are the only ones who can guarantee or warranty their work. It may also be good practice to require that a certain types of repair (electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling) be done by licensed professionals.

How it works:

After the repairs are complete but before you close,

  • Call us to schedule a time. (We require a 4 day advance notice so beware of your closing date)
  • Have your agent send us a copy of you repair addendum.
  • If possible, plan to attend so that you can judge whether or not you want to accept the repairs & what to do next.

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